Becoming a Member

Membership in the organization shall be available to any person who pays an annual membership fee.

Annual memberships entitle people 60 and older to vote at the annual membership meeting, serve as Board members, receive the monthly newsletter as well as receiving a 10% discount on special items with the SCOK logo. For those under the age of 60, an annual membership entitles you to the monthly newsletter as well as a 10% discount on special items with the SCOK logo. It also gives you the knowledge that you are helping to support our worthy programs.

Memberships are available at the following levels:

Individual $25.00
Family $35.00
Contributing $100.00
Sponsor $250.00
Benefactor $500.00

Membership Application PDFClick here for Membership Application (PDF)

The Senior Citizens of Kodiak shall make available comprehensive programs which include a full range of health, education and social services to people 60 and older who need them. No one shall be denied services on the basis of race, creed, sex or national origin. Seniors over the age of 60 will not be denied services due to non payment of membership.

Membership Meetings & Serving on the Board of Directors

Only those people who are 60 or older and are paid up members can vote for the Board of Directors at the annual membership meeting or serve on the Board of Directors.

An annual meeting of the paid up members who are 60 and older shall be held on the last Friday in May or at such other time as the Board of Directors shall determine. Notice of the annual meeting shall be given in writing to each of the paid up members who are 60 and older at least 15 days in advance and shall specify the time, place and purpose of such meeting.

Each paid up member 60 and older shall, at every meeting of the members, be entitiled to one vote in person upon each subject properly submitted to vote.

Accredited by National Institute of Senior Centers