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  • Dr. Jim Arneson
  • Roberta Austring
  • David Bradbury
  • Carrie Morton
  • Bill Oliver
  • John Sweeney

Senior Citizens of Kodiak, Inc. Endowment Fund Inc. is an investment in our senior community. It will enable the major programs, activities and events sponsored by the Senior Citizens of Kodiak to continue for many years when state funds are no longer available.

The Fund will also help establish new programs for seniors, above and beyond the ones we have now.

In this age of fluctuating revenues to non-profit agencies, the Senior Citizens of Kodiak Endowment Fund is a perfect opportunity to make a contribution that will have a lasting and stabilizing impact on local programs for all our seniors.

We Encourage Your Support For This Worthwhile Endeavor

The Fund was created in the spring of 1987 with a generous initial gift by Mr. Bob Bible. His gift was contributed as the basis of the Fund, which would begin the process of making the Senior Citizens of Kodiak financially self-sufficient. Through the management of a volunteer Board of Trustees, the Fund is invested and constantly monitored, with the income from the Fund being dedicated to the Senior Citizens of Kodiak. Contributions to the Fund are welcome.

Commemorative and Memorial Gifts

A gift to remember a relative or friend, or to commemorate an anniversary or important event, is a most thoughtful and fitting contribution to this organization dedicated to the bettering the lives of senior citizens of Kodiak. A memorial or commemorative gift to the Senior Citizens Endowment Fund, Inc. may be dedicated to begin a new service, to help with programs already underway, or it may be left undesignated.

Charitable Gifts

Your gift to the Senior Citizens of Kodiak Endowment Fund, Inc. may be made in recognition of the person or event which you are honoring. It can be anonymous.

  • The amount of your gift is never disclosed, unless you request it.
  • Your gift not only helps the Senior Citizens of Kodiak, but it can also appropriately address a personal or social concern at the same time.
  • All donors are recognized in the monthly newsletter, unless they request to remain anonymous.
  • Where the gift has been made in honor of a person or special event, a recognition card will be mailed.
  • Memorial, commemorative or other gifts are tax deductible. They also provide an important gift to the Senior Citizens of Kodiak Endowment Fund, Inc.

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