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Endowment Board

Senior Citizens of Kodiak, Inc. Endowment Fund Inc. is an investment in our senior community. It will enable the major programs, activities and events sponsored by the Senior Citizens of Kodiak to continue for many years when state funds are no longer available.

The Fund will also help establish new programs for seniors, above and beyond the ones we have now.

In this age of fluctuating revenues to non-profit agencies, the Senior Citizens of Kodiak Endowment Fund is a perfect opportunity to make a contribution that will have a lasting and stabilizing impact on local programs for all our seniors.

More information can be found on our Endowment Board page.

Pick. Click. Give. (PFD Charitable Contributions Program)

In January, when you apply for your Permanent Dividend Fund, you also have the opportunity to give to the Senior Citizens of Kodiak, Inc. The PFD Charitable Contributions Program provides a safe and secure way to make a donation and it is available to all Alaskans who file for the PDF on-line. The program goal is to increase individual charitable giving along with the number of donors to non profit organzations. Just PICK Senior Citizens of Kodiak, Inc. from the non profit list, CLICK an amount to donate and GIVE.

Thank you.


Donations to the Senior Ctizens of Kodiak, Inc. are accepted any time and in any amount. You can make a donation for assisting with a special event or luncheon, in honor of a person's birthday, anniversary or for just good measure. Your donation will be gladly accepted and appreciated and be used to continue the programs at the center.


Complete membership information can be found on our Membership page.

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